The Bi@ch is Back…CD 1

So, as I expected (I’ve already POAS several times, hoping for another miracle) AF has made her appearance.

Off we go!  At the end of this cycle month (the last 3 days) we will start the estrogen priming portion of this IVF cycle’s protocol.  After I get my next period we’ll have a baseline and start stims.  It still doesn’t feel real.  We were geared up to start this and May and didn’t, so its hard to believe this time we will.  I know that the chance of having a second miracle is slim to none, so I’m trying to get myself psyched up and excited for this next round!

This next month I’m going to concentrate on me-and doing things that make me healthy and happy.  I’m taking a one month Pure Barre class-its strength training using small movements and ballet barre.  I’ll keep going bi monthly for acupuncture, I’m going to keep alcohol drinking in check-not because I think it will impact my IVF cycle, but because I know it can impact me negatively-both overall health and mentally speaking.  I’m going to try and cram in a whole bunch of fun-hopefully a concert and football game or two.  This is my prep time-do to me and get ready! (or not)


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