Baby Boy….

We received the results of our genetic testing on the baby we lost in June (finally).  It was an abnormal fetus.  It had trisomies of chromosome 18,21 and 22 (I didn’t know you could even have multiple trisomies).  And it was a boy.  I shed a few tears learning the sex of the baby.  Finding out made the loss a little more tangible and “real”.  When I was pregnant I felt like I was carrying a baby girl-so on some level, finding out it was a boy might have been a little easier.

I knew going into the testing that chances were in favor of it being an abnormal embryo-with all the testing I’ve had done, the likelihood of there being another problem was slim.  A part of me had hoped that it was a normal embryo.  That I COULD produce a normal embryo.  But it wasn’t.  The positive of this is that I don’t need to be on blood thinners if I ever get pregnant-my body’s failure is not keeping a pregnancy-but producing a viable embryo.  The flip side is that my eggs are to blame.

This information does help make the next step (if this IVF doesn’t work) clearer.  If after another IVF we still aren’t pregnant, then we are closing the door on infertility treatments using my own eggs. It will be awhile before we try other avenues, but IVF with my own eggs will be off the table.

We miss you baby boy bean…..


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