Paid in Full

We are one step closer-I called to pay the balance on our IVF cycle-so we’re ready to get started!  This Friday we will start the estrogen priming portion with Vivelle patches, and Saturday will add in Ganirelex.  Sometime next week AF should show, we’ll have a baseline appointment and stims will start after that.

I am blessed that my parents are giving us money to go towards this cycle, and double blessed that our clinic is giving us a scholarship!  It makes signing that credit card receipt a little easier.  In fact, it was this perfect alignment of circumstances that gave us the push we needed to go ahead with this IVF.  Not only will my egg reserve never be as good as it is now (since its declining), but we will never have the ability to do an IVF cycle this inexpensively.  I hate that finances come into play when decided whether or not to pursue ART, but it does.  And that is just reality.

For the moment I am excited to get started, and hopeful.  For the last couple of months I knew we’d be doing another IVF cycle-but now that we are really about to get started I feel good about it, and I’m not filled with as much dread.  I know there is a chance we could get cancelled, and I know there is a 50/50 chance that it won’t work-but there is also a good chance it will.  So, for now, I’m going to stay prepared for the worst, but push that to the back of my mind-and focus on the positivity I’m feeling.  I know from experience that there is a difference b/t being realistic and pessimistic.  Even if I’m pessimistic, it doesn’t make failure hurt any less-but it does make going through the process harder.

God give me strength this next month, to go through this IVF cycle, and to be strong enough to deal with the results-whatever they may be.



  1. Yes! My friends all think I’m being pessimistic about this, but I keep telling them I’m being realistic. So glad someone else said it. 🙂
    I’m curious as to why you are starting Ganirelix before your period? I’ve never heard of that before, so I’m curious.
    Congratulations on getting some much needed help towards your IVF. I know that must be amazing! 🙂

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