Moving on Up?

Since July, we have been going through the short sell process-trying to sell our home.  We are underwater by half of its value-so it will take a VERY.LONG.TIME in order for the value to come back to a place where we can sell our house, without writing a huge check.

After we lost our last pregnancy, we felt like the time was right and we needed a change.  We didn’t have anything to lose-and were fully prepared for the short sale not to go through.  We don’t have problems paying our mortgage, but would love to move to a different neighborhood and have a backyar.  We figured that with all our thousands (it hurts just to write that out!) of dollars in medical bills-we actually have a persuasive case to make. So we listed the house, got an offer, and submitted it to the bank.

We received a notice yesterday that our primary mortgage holder has approved the short sale!  Now all we have to do is get the second mortgage lender to agree to the terms as well-so this might actually happen!

Of course-because it is my life we’re talking about-if this actually goes through, we will be packing our things in storage and moving in with my parents (just until we find a new house) at the EXACT same time as our egg retrieval and transfer-nothing like having a few things on your plate!

I’m trying to take it day by day and not stress out.  Right now, emotionally I am going from being excited to feeling completely overwhelmed!  I’m just praying some how all this craziness works out.  How amazing would it be to be both pregnant and in a new home in November.  A girl can dream, right?


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