IVF 2.0 is a go!

I had my baseline u/s this morning and everything looks good!  Surprised? I am!  My lining looks like it should, no large follie/cysts and my AFC was 10!!!  6 on one side and 4 on the other.  In the past year and a half of having ultrasounds, I’ve never had 10 resting follicles!  I don’t know if it’s just dumb luck, the DHEA, acupuncture, or a combination.  At any rate-I’ll take it!

I know that your AFC doesn’t necessarily correlate to eggs retrieved, but I’m happy to have some good news for once, and feel like I’m starting this cycle out on the right foot!  A large part of me was/is dreading this IVF cycle.  I’m become so pessimistic that I have a hard time believing that this will work, or that anything will work.  I had an ugly cry moment this past weekend-after Eric gave me my first Ganirelex shot.  Apparently Ganirelex burns a bit-and it pissed me off.  A majority of the time I feel like I’m going through all of this for nothing and I’m just setting myself up for more disappointment.    At least for today, I have a slightly better attitude!

So, tonight will start our stim shot.  As I was a poor and slow responder on my last IVF cycle, my RE has me on the max dosage of stims.  On Monday I will go back in to see what’s going on.  I’m afraid to hope, but I feel like this cycle *may* go the way I’m praying.


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