Lazy Ovaries

My ovaries need to get their sh*t together, and kick it into gear.  After 7 days of stims there are only 3 above 10mm.  The rest (and I think that’s about 6) are still smaller than a 10.  I don’t understand how if I can get 3 follies to grow on clomid, I can’t get more than that to grow on the max does of gonal f and menopur.  I keep trying to compare this cycle to the last cycle, but they are too different.  Last cycle I only started out with 6 follies, and they had room to increase my meds.  This cycle I started out with more follies, and at the max dosage.  I’m frustrated, and afraid of being cancelled.

I am hoping that there are simply more follies than there were last time, so its going to take a bit longer for them to get going.  This afternoon’s E2 results should also shed some light-if its going up appropriately, then they are growing, just slow.  If its not, well, crap.

I just wish, for ONCE, something could go smoothly. At the start of this cycle I felt so hopeful.  Now, I’m already feeling defeated.  In addition to my lazy ovaries, being on a max dosage of stimulation hormones is making me bloated, giving me a headache, and all of a sudden I’m prone to crying.  Not fun.

Of course I’m googling myself to death, trying to find other women, who have been slow starters, and then had their follies catch up.  But all that is doing is giving me more of a headache.


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