Snuggle in my Embabies!

Saturday was transfer day!  We were able to transfer 2 grade 2 embryos (an 8 cell and a 10 cell), along with a grade 3, 12 cell embryo.  The transfer went smoothly and since then I’ve been doing ALOT of taking it easy!  I’ve been reading and catching up on my DVR:)

The next week is going to drive me crazy!  Right after the transfer I was so worried about transferring 3-what if they all stick around!  There is no way I can safely carry triplets!  Now I’m mostly scared that none of them will stick.  While I’m realistic, I can’t help but feeling like this has to work.  I’m already analyzing every twinge and symptom-I’m crampy, is that bad?  I’m not crampy, is that bad?  I don’t have any symptoms yet-What.does. this.mean???? I’m already thinking like a crazy person.  I’ll just do my best to keep the crazy under wraps!  Ultimately I know that the outcome is out of my hands-and I just have to take it day by day and keep living my life.  The world doesn’t stop for a crazy infertile!

Let me present 2 of the trio-Embie A and B!  (12 cell fat boy had his own picture)

And here is Hubs, MD, ready to go into the OR for transfer



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