You drive me crazy…

Sung to Brit Brit’s tune.  And the “you” would be this 2ww!  Every symtom, every twinge,  I’m a little bloated, have a killer headache and my boobs are definitely sore.  Pregnant?  Or phantom symptoms caused by the ever lovely PIO?

This is not a normal 2ww either-I also have the trigger to contend with.  I’ve never actually tested out my trigger before, and just assumed I would be a normal person, and it would be gone about 8 or 9 days after my trigger.  When I tested it on 9 days after the trigger and 4dp3dt there was still a faint line.  Ok, I thought, so it hung around longer than most.  Surely when I test at 11 days after the trigger at 6dp3dt it will be gone.  Nope-still a faint line.  So, is it trigger?  Am I pregnant?  Who the hell knows.

I’ll wait until Sunday, and test again.  By then SURELY the line will either be gone or darker (BFP, woot woot).  Until Sunday, I’ll try not to gnaw all my finger nails off.


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