Election Day

It’s weird-while I am completely preoccupied with the state of my ute, the rest of country is thinking about the state of the nation.  Sometimes you forget that life around you continues to steam roll forward.

And yes, I did vote today.  The lines weren’t terrible-only about an hour wait.  I feel good that I got out and voted.  No matter what your political affiliation-voting is such a privilege, and one I try not to take for granted.  So if you haven’t-get out and vote y’all!



  1. So, I hope you don’t think I’m a stalker. I noticed you on The Bump during your last pregnancy (I never posted for fear I would “jinx” my pregnancy…our first, through IVF, after 10 years of IF). We had the same due date and similar HCG numbers. And, I was so sad when you lost your baby. And then we lost ours. 😦
    We just started our second round of IVF. I’ve been staying off The Bump (for my sanity’s sake), but I got on there today and saw that you’re a little ahead of me this time…then saw the link to your blog and your exciting news! Congratulations! If you’re ever interested in emailing, I’d be game. I’ve already enjoyed reading a few of your entries. It’s nice to be able to identify with someone.

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