5 weeks….

Today marks the beginning of the 5th week of my pregnancy.  Yesterday we had a repeat beta, and it rose from 1200 on Saturday to 5700 yesterday.  It more than doubled every 48 hours, so I’m happy with that.  We have our first ultrasound next Friday.  We will finally get to see just how many are in there.  However, its not so cut and dry.  With my history, what we see is not necessarily what will make it in the end-so this is still just a big big waiting game.  But, I am doing my best to take it day by day-because as I know too well, I have no control over what the future will bring, so obessing about it does me no good.

I feel pregnant-all week I’ve been battling nausea-not full blow morning (or all day) sickness, but enough ickyness to make me feel pregnant.

Here is what the nugget/nuggets look like-  As an embryo, your baby still looks more like a tadpole than a human  being; his major organs are developing. Your baby’s kidneys and heart are  growing, and the neural tube, which protects his spinal cord and connects it to  his brain, is closing over. The nugget/s is the size of an appleseed.



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