7 weeks…


Today I’m seven weeks-Yeah! We have our second ultrasound today-the first ultrasound went great last week-we have TWO nuggets in there! Both with great heartbeats!
I wish I could be more excited, but I am SO SICK. All of my energy is going towards not throwing up. I am miserable. I don’t want to sound unappreciative for the gift that I have growing in my ute, but this sick feeling, that is constant, 24/7 is really hard to deal with. Hopefully I’ll start feeling better sooner rather than later and actually be able to enjoy this!



  1. Awww this brings back memories.Although it was only for a short time I really do remember (fondly) those feelings too. My nausea was just insane. I was hungry all the time but even sipping water made me want to puke. So I wouldn’t eat and then it would build up and I’d eat something crazy like a box of wheat thins.

    Feel free to complain about the gross feelings all you need! I totally understand feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired and being worried about not being grateful enough while still being in shock that it’s actually real!

  2. How was your second ultrasound? Hope it was as good as the first!

    We got our first beta today…it was 500! We are excited. And a little nervous that it’s twins. Hope you’re feeling better.

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