8 weeks

I know my posts are less frequent and probably boring lately.  I’m just so tired.  And not much is going on-I’m just trying to stay sane.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been so preoccupied with not puking, that I didn’t worry too much about the babies.  Now that I’m feeling better (phergan is my new BFF!), I have more energy to worry about them.

We have an ultrasound on Friday to get another peek and see how they are doing-and I’m scared to death.  I could cope if I lost one of the babies-but I have this huge fear that I will go in and history will repeat itself.  The my RE will look at my sadly and say that she can’t find a hearbeat-on either baby.  Logically I tell myself that the odds are in our favor (I’m not really sure if that’s true, but that’s what I’m going with), but it doesn’t take away the fear-the fear that the pain I’ve felt before will resurface.

I’m ready to be excited about these babies, ready to tell people our good news and to start to plan for them.  But, we just aren’t there yet and I have to be patient.  It’s a virtue, right?

My baby at 8 weeks

  • You can’t feel it yet, but she’s moving those arms and legs like crazy!
  • Her fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed, and her tail (yes, she had one) is gone.
  • Fun fact: your baby’s taste buds are now forming.


  1. I got severe hyper emesis gravidarum with my twins and only gained 10 lbs because I was so sick (they were born weighing more then that). Things that helped: dairy at night so you don’t wake hungry, milkshakes are awesome for that. Sea bands (you can get them at Target). Super super awesome for taking away nausea but they did not stop my throwing up, they ONLY stopped the nausea so I often threw up with no warning. Still loved them though. Sour candies to suck on. Mint gum. Ginger, although I hate all things ginger so I never had anything with ginger in it. Also get into maternity clothes asap. And pressure on your stomach will make you sick. In a normal pregnant the belly grows up until the 3rd tri, and then starts growing up AND out. But with twins it starts growing up and out instantly, and is much more sensitive. I was in maternity clothes by 6 weeks (I blogged about my pregnancy, you can go see the pictures on my blog, I showed super super fast) and taking that pressure off will really help. Don’t be afraid to buy clothes now. It’s not too soon and frankly at $50 per pants, and $40 tops, you’ll want the most out of your money for maternity clothes! Hugs and feel better soon! I so get how much it sucks and how much more exhausting it is to be pregnant with twins instead of just one baby.

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