Photo Op

photo (2)
Here is the first picture I have-where the babies actually look like babies. We had our NT scan almost two weeks ago- at 12w1d, and this is baby A.
Tommorow I am 14 weeks and officially out of the first trimester. YAY!!! It seems like I have already been pregnant forever-I think b/c I’ve felt so sick. I’ve had a few good chunks of time in the last few days, where I didn’t feel like death-so here’s hoping and praying and crossing everything that the nausea starts to leave!

Our next appointment is on Thursday-at 14w1d. If that goes well (please, please, please) then we will tell our friends we are expecting…twins!



  1. I would have emailed this but I couldn’t find contact info, sorry for the long message!!! I found your blog through a google search a few months ago. I am also a patient at ACRM and have been for five years. We have the same doctor who I love and trust so much. I have had a few surgeries and three miracle pregnancies through iui and I lost all three. I did IVF in November and am now eight weeks pregnant. I go tomorrow for my weekly ultrasound and I am scared to death. I remember a few years ago after my first positive pregnancy testing sitting in the Perimeter office crying for all of the ladies in there thinking they may never know the joy I was feeling, but shortly after I lost my baby. I was so naive and thought if you were infertile you would have to deal with miscarriage. I think this has all left me jaded. I watch the us screen and the nurses and doctors are thrilled and I have no feeling. Your story gives me hope and I hope to be where you are in a few weeks! You are in my prayers. As for now, I just wait on pins and needles for my appointment tommorrow.

    • I know it is so nervewracking! Dealing with infertility is hard, dealing with recurrently pregnancy loss is hard, and you put those together and its almost impossible to deal with! Today we had our 14week appt with our peri and everything still looks great. I feel like being out of the first tri, that I feel like this might actually work out, for the first time this pregnancy-like I can just be a normal pregnant person now. You’ll get there-just hang on!

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