21 Weeks


I know I’m getting bad with posting-I totally missed week 20!

The good news is the babies still were looking great (“reassuring” as my peri puts it) at their 20 week scan.  Baby brother is 12 oz and baby sister is 13 oz-it is crazy that I have two people in my belly! The babies did not want to get their pictures taken-so this was all we could get of baby brother.

photo (2)<
Here is a headless belly shot for the week-after a day at work my face was not worth seeing-trust me!


Bad news is, the nausea is still there-boo!

We’re moving this weekend.  I’m so excited to get into our new house, with a YARD!  And so excited to be able to start getting the nursery ready for these littles ones.  I’ve put that all on hold until we moved-so now its almost time!

I’m still waiting on 100% certain movement-I am pretty sure I feel them, on and off-but its nothing like a full on kick, and not constant.  It feel like something is just gently moving or rolling over.  At our u/s last week they were moving all over the place-so I know I’ll feel them soon!!

your baby at 21 weeks 

  • As her digestive system preps for the outside world, she’s manufacturing meconium — the tarry black substance you’ll find in her first dirty diaper (ew)!
  • If it’s a girl, she’s already got a lifetime’s supply of eggs in her womb — about six million of them!

Woah, We’re half way there! 19 weeks

19 wks


I know typically 20 weeks is “half baked”, but as a twin mama, my doctor will only let me go until 38 weeks-so, today I’m half baked!  I’m under the delusion that the 2nd half of my pregnancy will be the half that I enjoy, and not just try and make it through, like the the first has been.  I do realize that I am carrying two babies and that pretty soon I’m going to start being VERY uncomfortable, but for right now I’m going to live in denial and think that I’m going to feel “good” for a while.  The nausea is coming and going now-not an every day constant, so with any luck it will be be gone for good soon! (PLEASE).

In the past 2 weeks I’ve felt what I *think* may be some movement-it feels like a little pop, here and there. It could be gas, or just things moving around, but I’m hoping its the babies, and I’ll be able to feel them, for sure, soon.  It would be nice to have some proof that these little guys are actually in there, moving around, aside from just seeing them on the u/s screen.

Here is the bump, last weekend at 18 1/2 weeks-look at that belly grow!

In other news, in the last month we put an offer on a house, and got our clear to close on Monday-so we’re moving!  I’m so excited to get into a bigger house, with more room. I’m even more excited that it has a fenced in backyard for the dogs.  But I think I’m most excited to start preparing for the babies in their new home!

Next week is our a/s.  I can’t wait to make it past that milestone, and hear that everything still looks like its developing normally.  Its been 3 weeks since my last appointment, and I’m starting to get antsy without having a peak at the babies in so long!

This week the babies are:

  • Developing a protective coating over her skin, called vernix caseosa. It’s greasy and white and you may see some of it at her birth.
  • Working on her five senses. Nerve cells for her sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in her brain.