Bed Rest Day 6

Yep-I’m on bedrest.  It.Sucks.

Last week I went in for my regular OB appointment.  He felt my cervix and decided it felt short and soft-so he sent me to the u/s room-I was measuring anywhere from a 1.7 to a 2.2, with funnelling when I would push on my belly-all not good for 27 weeks!  So my OB sent me down for an emergency appointment with my perinatal doctor-and their u/s there showed much of the same-readings in the low 2 cm range-so both doctors decided that bedrest was in my future.  I recieved two steriod shots for the babies lungs, just in case they were to come early and was told to go home and start bedrest.  I’m allowed to get up to eat, shower, use the bathroom, ect, but other than that, should be laying down. 

The first couple of days were ok, kind of a novelty for this tired Mama to be able to lay down all day-and then the stir crazy, and worry began.  Not only is it hard to force yourself to lay down all day-no cleaning, ect, but it gives me so much time to worry about these babies  I am so scared they are going to come too soon, and have to spend many weeks in the NICU. 

I have my next doctor’s appt on Thursday-so I’m praying that things are still stable and it looks like bed rest is helping, or at least keeping things as is, and stopping them from progressing.

My boss is awesome, and is letting me work from home-so not only am I not having to use my leave and disability yet, but it always gives me something do to.  I’ve set mini goals, to try and break up the following weeks-and give myself milestones.  My first one is my appt on Thurday-which will put my at 28w1d.  My second is my baby shower, the following weekend.  Fortunately we planned it at my house-so I’ll just attend via my couch:)  I’ll be 29 weeks and 3 days then.

I always knew bedrest was a definite possiblity carrying twins, but I just didn’t think it would be this early-I figured it would be to try and get me as far as possible-not just to get me far enough for them to be heathly.

One day at a time.

On another note-we had our couples baby shower a couple of weeks ago (fortunately a few days before bed rest started!)  It was fun-and great to see all our friends.  Here are Eric and I after opening all the great gifts!





  1. I was hoping nothing was wrong when I didn’t see you post for a couple weeks – ugh. Good that your doc did an exam! Mine won’t do one – they just send me once a month for u/s! So frustrating. Were you having symptoms that would lead them to check you???

  2. No-I’ve been having alot of Braxton Hicks, but other than that nothing. My OB just said he likes to check his twin patients alot more-thank goodness he did! I wasn’t scheduled for an u/s to check until this Thursday-so catching it sooner is definitely better than later! This was the first time he’d checked though-at 27 weeks-so maybe yours will start soon?

  3. I don’t know when they start checking. With my daughter they didn’t check me until 36 weeks, when I started going weekly. My practice will see me weekly starting at 32 weeks, so I am guessing then??? Next u/s is Friday, so we shall see how my cervix is holding up. No braxton hicks, didn’t have them either with my daughter 6 years ago.

    Bed rest sucks, but at least you are not on total bed rest. My cousin had that – she wasn’t allowed up AT ALL. At least you can shower, use the bathroom, sit on the couch, etc. Get a Kindle and read. It will take your mind off things.

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