29 weeks-still truckin’

Yesterday I was 29 weeks-and still pregnant! YAY!

Every week now is a big deal-that’s one more week the babies get to cook, one more week they have to get bigger and stronger. I think I felt baby boy hiccuping this week for the first time-it was a rhythimic tap tap, almost like a soft kick, but every 10 seconds or so, for about two minutes. Their kicks are definitely getting stronger-every so often it surprises me how hard it feels!

Saying bed rest is hard is an understandment-its not so much the boredom that gets to me-its more the isolation that totally bums me out. I just try to remind myself this is temporary! It will pass and it will all be worth it. I still don’t feel great either-I don’t know if its the nausea I experienced before that I thought went away a few weeks ago, or if its just that my stomach is being smushed by these babies-but I just feel gross.

At my OB appointment yesterday things were still looking good. She said my cervix feels long and closed-much better than short and soft from two weeks ago! I also had do the 3 hour glucose test yesterday. I failed the 1 hour (boo) and I’m praying that I pass the 3 hour and that gestational diabetes treatment is not in my future-but if it is I’ll deal with it.

I have my second baby shower this weekend-thank goodness we planned to have it at my house! I’m excited to see my friends and family and hopefully get the last things we need for these babies. Whatever we don’t get-I’ll be buying online! I have plenty of time for that:)

We got our maternity pictures this week-this is one of my favorites.



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