I know I normally do a weekly post-but I had to add in the extra 2 days-right now every day counts!

Both babies are still looking good this week-we didn’t check growth, and won’t until next Thursday, but for now they are safe and sound and no need to worry.

Next Thursday we will re-check growth and if baby boy is still growth restricted, we will be proceeding with an induction (not C section!) starting Thursday night-so they will be 34w2d when delivered.

We met with my OB to discuss C section/Induction and vaginal delivery.  She didn’t see any reason not to try vaginal if that is what I preferred-they are both head down, and being tiny, should be easier to deliver than, lets say, a 8lb baby.  B/c they monitor them both so closely, if they start not being able to tolerate labor, ect, then we can switch to a c section, but at least I’ll have a chance of avoiding surgery. So that is great news!

If he’s able to catch up and we don’t induce on Thursday/Friday, then mostly likely labor won’t be too long from now – I’m already 2 cm dialated.  So really, these babies could be here anytime.  I’ve been so scared about them coming to soon, ect, and now I’m just going to choose to try and be excited, however, whenever they are here.  If they come sooner rather than later I am prepared for the NICU, ect, but it does me no good to worry constantly.  At this point-chances are they will be fine-no matter exactly what the future holds.  So even though I feel like crap and I’m trapped on bedrest, I want to try and be positive about the rest of this pregnancy.




32 Weeks


Each week feels like a huge milestone now.  I am huge, my face is still paralyzed from the Bells Palsy, and I just don’t feel very good most days.

We had a growth u/s this week-and baby boy is still lagging-he is growing some, but his abdomen is not, which is a huge cause for concern (I’m honestly not 100% sure why).

The plan as of now is to schedule a C Section for 34 weeks-so roughly two weeks from now.  We will do an u/s and an NST (non stress test) each week until then-and if at our second u/s at 34 weeks things are still the same, we will be proceeding with the C Section.

I think I’m still digesting all of this.  Honestly, I’m glad that there is an end in sight to my misery.  And I am glad that my doctor didn’t decide that they needed to be delivered immediately-so they have a couple of more weeks to cook.  I’m scared for them to be born so early though, and feel responsible.  I am supposed to be nourishing them-and apparently I’m not doing a very good job.

I am just going to keep taking things day by day, appointment by appointment and see what happens.


31 weeks

During week 30, shit hit the fan, so to speak. 

I have been on bedrest for 4 weeks now, and thought things couldn’t get worse-what a whiner I was!  Then I got GD – not great, but not terrible-just one more thing I thought

Thursday I was struck with Bell’s Palsy-which is the inflammation of the 7th cranial nerve, causing paralysis of half your face.  No joke-I look like I’ve had a stroke and I can’t move the right half of my face.  It SUCKs.  I look like a freak, can’t blink my eye and can’t chew/talk/drink properly.  Oh, and the right side of my face and ear hurt. One week later, and I can’t say that its gotten better at all.  Recovery takes anywhere from a few weeks to months-hoping I’m on the low side, but who knows!

Friday we went in for our 30 week scan of the babies and brother’s growth has slowed significantly.  His sister is a chunky monkey, at about 3.5lbs, but he is about a pound less, only gaining around 6 ounces in 2 weeks.  We go back next Wed for a follow up, and if his growth hasn’t caught up, we’re talking delivery.  At 32 weeks.  To say I’m scared is an understatement, but after talking to various people over the last week I’m a little more at peace.  I know if they come soon, they will be in the NICU, but they will ultimately be fine.  I just worry about them, and part of me feels like a failure.  My body is having a hard time keeping them in to start with, is failing apart and now may not be able to keep two babies healthy.  I know this isn’t my fault per se, but I feel like my only job is to grow these babies and I’m not being very successful at it.

So, this past week has probably been one of the hardest of my entire pregnancy-and it makes me sad that I can’t enjoy these last weeks of being pregnant.  But, it is what it is and I have to remind myself that this is all temporary.  The goal all along was to become parents, not to be pregnant-so as long as we can get these babies here and have them be healthy my pregnancy and the prior IVF was a success-no matter how miserable I am or how much my body is not great at being pregnant!

Baby Shower :) 30 weeks :) and GD:(

I hit another milestone today-30 weeks!!! Woot woot! Those babies are growing and still in utero! My next milestone will be 32 weeks. We have another appt with my peri on Friday, so we’ll get a check on my cervix (hopefully holding steady!) and see how big the babies are now.

On Monday I learned that I do, indeed, have Gestational Diabetes-no fun! It sucks. I have a testing kit now, and have to monitor my blood sugar after every meal, and limit the amount of carbs I take in. I also am finding I need to eat more, and more often. So far my readings have all been normal except for after breakfast-so hopefully I can keep it in line by watching what I eat. Its not a huge deal, but just one more thing I have to monitor, watch and worry about. This pregnancy has NOT turned out like I expected-but I just have to keep my eye on the prize(s).

Over the weekend we had my baby shower at my house-it was AWESOME! My sister headed up hosting it and she did such a great job. I wish I had taken more pictures of all the decor-because it was just too cute! We had alot of people come and got a lot of great things. I’m so glad I was able to hold out and make it to my shower!