32 Weeks


Each week feels like a huge milestone now.  I am huge, my face is still paralyzed from the Bells Palsy, and I just don’t feel very good most days.

We had a growth u/s this week-and baby boy is still lagging-he is growing some, but his abdomen is not, which is a huge cause for concern (I’m honestly not 100% sure why).

The plan as of now is to schedule a C Section for 34 weeks-so roughly two weeks from now.  We will do an u/s and an NST (non stress test) each week until then-and if at our second u/s at 34 weeks things are still the same, we will be proceeding with the C Section.

I think I’m still digesting all of this.  Honestly, I’m glad that there is an end in sight to my misery.  And I am glad that my doctor didn’t decide that they needed to be delivered immediately-so they have a couple of more weeks to cook.  I’m scared for them to be born so early though, and feel responsible.  I am supposed to be nourishing them-and apparently I’m not doing a very good job.

I am just going to keep taking things day by day, appointment by appointment and see what happens.




  1. You are doing such a good job! I envy where you are at. 32 weeks is a huge accomplishment and 34 is just amazing. I can only hope to make both of those goals myself. It’s still a scary thing but you are almost there! Good job – I am jealous!

  2. I am so sorry this pregnancy is being so rough on you. You are so strong and doing so great. I hope you can keep those little angels in as long as possible and avoid as much NICU time as you can because it truly is just the most heart wrenching thing. Praying for you!

  3. Dont waste mental energy on blame. Blaming yourself for things out of your control don’t make the sitation any better. Yes, things suck right now, but this too shall pass, and in two weeks you will be holding your babies and this will become a distant memory. You can do this. I know you can. All IVFers are strong, vibrant, smart women. You will come through this. (((Hugs)))

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