I know I normally do a weekly post-but I had to add in the extra 2 days-right now every day counts!

Both babies are still looking good this week-we didn’t check growth, and won’t until next Thursday, but for now they are safe and sound and no need to worry.

Next Thursday we will re-check growth and if baby boy is still growth restricted, we will be proceeding with an induction (not C section!) starting Thursday night-so they will be 34w2d when delivered.

We met with my OB to discuss C section/Induction and vaginal delivery.  She didn’t see any reason not to try vaginal if that is what I preferred-they are both head down, and being tiny, should be easier to deliver than, lets say, a 8lb baby.  B/c they monitor them both so closely, if they start not being able to tolerate labor, ect, then we can switch to a c section, but at least I’ll have a chance of avoiding surgery. So that is great news!

If he’s able to catch up and we don’t induce on Thursday/Friday, then mostly likely labor won’t be too long from now – I’m already 2 cm dialated.  So really, these babies could be here anytime.  I’ve been so scared about them coming to soon, ect, and now I’m just going to choose to try and be excited, however, whenever they are here.  If they come sooner rather than later I am prepared for the NICU, ect, but it does me no good to worry constantly.  At this point-chances are they will be fine-no matter exactly what the future holds.  So even though I feel like crap and I’m trapped on bedrest, I want to try and be positive about the rest of this pregnancy.




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