1st week home

We’ve made it through week one!  The babies have been home from the NICU since last week-and we’re all still alive so far!  Totally sleep deprived and overwhelmed, but taking it day by day!

I’ll be honest-I thought when people said how hard twins were that they were exaggerating-I thought that since we didn’t know any different it wouldn’t be as hard as you’d expect-I was wrong!

Not only is it physically taxing, but I think its taking me longer/its harder to adjust to my new life than I thought. I have zero time for myself and nothing of what my old life was still exists.  I know it won’t be like this forever-at some point they will be able to go longer between feedings and I will be able to take them places and get out of the house-but for now its a huge adjustment.

I know I am so blessed to have two healthy, perfect babies-and I couldn’t love them more-but its just harder than I expected!



  1. I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering if you all were home yet. Yay for being home! Hang in there. I can’t imagine how hard it is…and I need to start preparing myself.

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