9 more days

In 9 days my nuggets will be 1?! How is that even possible?  The last year has been one of the most challenging and most rewarding of my life.  Every day I look at these precious little humans and wonder how they could possibly be mine.  How can I possibly deserve to be their momma?  How can I be the momma they deserve.

Everyday they are more interactive and fun.  At times I miss the newborn tininess, but watching them learn and do new things is so much better.

Harper is in PT for developmental delays.  Her therapist has diagnosed her with low muscle tone-so we are working on building her strength and helping to get her to where she needs to be.  The worry wart in me is concerned that there is more going on than just a muscle tone issue-but we will just have to wait and see-its too early to tell.

Next weekend is their birthday party – I’m trying to strike a balance between doing it up and having it be special and remembering that they are 1 – and have no clue what is going on!








  1. They are SO adorable! Such cute babies. I completely agreed with your point about missing the newborn smallness but the developmental stuff is so exciting. I can’t believe how quick 1 year goes by! We are right behind you!

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