Our Maybe Baby Story

Anyone who knows my husband and I, knows that the journey to have children has been rough-its been a long road , as we’ve struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss.  In a nutshell, we tried to have a baby for over 2 years, before finally sustaining a pregnancy.  During that 2 years we had 3 pregnancy losses, each one painful in its own way.

The last year of our journey was filled with infertility tests and treatments-I had no idea the amount that I would get poke and proded, or how much I would learn (but never want to know) about the reproductive system.

All of this yielded the diagnosis of DOR or Diminished Ovarian Reserve.  This diagnosis is a punch in the gut-not only is getting pregnant difficult-but I was quickly running out of time-something I never thought I would have to deal with at 30!  We tried two IUI’s and one IVF unsuccessfully.

Our last stab at getting pregnant began in October of 2012, when we started IVF 2.0, with an estrogen priming protocol.  It worked!  We were blessed with our twins, Harper and Nolan, May 31st 2013.


  1. I know what your going through and im sorry .Our stories are a little similar. I have a egg issue but mine is due from my endometriosis. At around 30 I was advised by a lot of drs to use donor eggs., and that’s where I have been since. At first it was hard knowing I could not use my eggs anymore , But now I feel that any child that comes to me in any which way (egg donor, surrogate, adoption) is going to be MY child regardless 🙂 I will be following your journey and praying that you get your BFP real soon ❤

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