Harper and Nolan’s Birth Story

I promised I would try and post more-the last week has been a blur!  The babies are still in the NICU, but doing great!  We are just working on feeding at this point-they have to be able to take all 8 feedings by bottle in order to come home-we are up to about 6-so hopefully they will be home within the week!

Last Thursday, the 30th, we went for our 34 week ultrasound to check on baby boy’s growth-things hadn’t changed-he was still not growing as he should-so it was decided that we would proceed with the induction the next day.  One thing had changed though-baby girl was now transverse and no longer head down-but my OB was ok with going ahead with the induction, instead of switching to a C section.  Baby girl would be the second baby out, so the hope was that she would flip back to head down, when her brother was out of the way.

Thursday evening we checked into Northside hospital, so that we would be settled, and able to start the induction first thing in the morning.

As soon as we were in our room I was hooked up to monitors to watch the babies’ heart beats.  I’m not totally sure why, maybe because we were monitoring two babies, or maybe because they were small and moved a lot, we kept losing the beat, so the nurses would have to come in and reposition the monitor to find them-it seemed like a nurse was in every 30 minute-it was so annoying and uncomfortable to have to try and lay still.  Finally around midnight they let me take off the monitors to sleep.

At about 4am the next morning the nurse came in to start IV antibiotics.  At 5am the Pitocin was started.  I was having contractions, but nothing super regular or very strong-it felt about the same as the contractions I had been having for weeks at home.

Around 11am the doctor came to check on me and decided that it was probably time to get things moving, so she broke my water.  Almost immediately the contractions intensified-a lot!  Within about 30 minutes I was getting my epidural.  I felt so much better after that-although being totally numb is a very odd feeling!

Around 12:30 the midwife and doctor came in to check my progress-and I was already fully dialated and they could see his head-it was time to push!  I was so nervous-I had no idea what I was supposed to do-but somehow your body just figures it out.  Within about 15 minutes of pushing Nolan Charles was born at 1:08 pm.  He was 3lb12oz and 17 inches and I couldn’t get over how tiny he looked.  They put him on my chest and I just kept saying, “he’s so tiny”, but we was doing great from the start!  He never needed any oxygen or breathing support.  I loved him the second I saw him.   I also couldn’t believe how fast everything had just happened!  Eric went with him to the nursery, while my OB tried to figure out what baby girl was doing.

Baby girl was still high and transverse, so she gave me a choice-I could now do a C-Section to get her out or wait and see if she dropped down, and even if she was breech we could try and deliver her.  I wanted to avoid surgery, so we opted to wait and see if she would move down on her own.

Now the waiting began-almost 4 hours to be exact.  Finally she had moved down enough, and my contractions were picking up again so it was time to push again.  My OB tried to turn her, but it wasn’t happening, so a breech birth it was.  This time I pushed a good bit longer and wasn’t making a ton of progress.  To try and help things my OB broke her water-and it exploded all over her-so in the middle of pushing I was also apologizing for drenching my doctor.

After her water was broken things got a little scary and her heart rate started dropping with each contraction-I pushed as hard and as long as I could and my OB basically grabbed her feet to pull her out.  At 5:27 pm Harper Grace was born.  She weighed 4 lb and 9 oz and 18 inches long.  She needed a little help with breathing and also went to the NICU.

Because I was recovering from labor and delivery, and feeling very shaky and weak, I didn’t see them again until the next day, which was very hard.  Leaving them at the hospital to go home on Sunday was the worst feeling ever.  I understand now why people say that once you have children your heart resides out of your body-and its a horrible feeling to be separated so early on.

We’ve made it through the first week, and although it hasn’t gotten easier leaving them each day-I’m just focusing on the time I get to spend with them and count off each day as one closer to them coming home.



harper sleeping with hand on her face

harpers first pic

mommy and daddy and nolan for the first time

mommy and harper

nolan after his first bath

nolan's first pic


32 Weeks


Each week feels like a huge milestone now.  I am huge, my face is still paralyzed from the Bells Palsy, and I just don’t feel very good most days.

We had a growth u/s this week-and baby boy is still lagging-he is growing some, but his abdomen is not, which is a huge cause for concern (I’m honestly not 100% sure why).

The plan as of now is to schedule a C Section for 34 weeks-so roughly two weeks from now.  We will do an u/s and an NST (non stress test) each week until then-and if at our second u/s at 34 weeks things are still the same, we will be proceeding with the C Section.

I think I’m still digesting all of this.  Honestly, I’m glad that there is an end in sight to my misery.  And I am glad that my doctor didn’t decide that they needed to be delivered immediately-so they have a couple of more weeks to cook.  I’m scared for them to be born so early though, and feel responsible.  I am supposed to be nourishing them-and apparently I’m not doing a very good job.

I am just going to keep taking things day by day, appointment by appointment and see what happens.


Baby Shower :) 30 weeks :) and GD:(

I hit another milestone today-30 weeks!!! Woot woot! Those babies are growing and still in utero! My next milestone will be 32 weeks. We have another appt with my peri on Friday, so we’ll get a check on my cervix (hopefully holding steady!) and see how big the babies are now.

On Monday I learned that I do, indeed, have Gestational Diabetes-no fun! It sucks. I have a testing kit now, and have to monitor my blood sugar after every meal, and limit the amount of carbs I take in. I also am finding I need to eat more, and more often. So far my readings have all been normal except for after breakfast-so hopefully I can keep it in line by watching what I eat. Its not a huge deal, but just one more thing I have to monitor, watch and worry about. This pregnancy has NOT turned out like I expected-but I just have to keep my eye on the prize(s).

Over the weekend we had my baby shower at my house-it was AWESOME! My sister headed up hosting it and she did such a great job. I wish I had taken more pictures of all the decor-because it was just too cute! We had alot of people come and got a lot of great things. I’m so glad I was able to hold out and make it to my shower!




29 weeks-still truckin’

Yesterday I was 29 weeks-and still pregnant! YAY!

Every week now is a big deal-that’s one more week the babies get to cook, one more week they have to get bigger and stronger. I think I felt baby boy hiccuping this week for the first time-it was a rhythimic tap tap, almost like a soft kick, but every 10 seconds or so, for about two minutes. Their kicks are definitely getting stronger-every so often it surprises me how hard it feels!

Saying bed rest is hard is an understandment-its not so much the boredom that gets to me-its more the isolation that totally bums me out. I just try to remind myself this is temporary! It will pass and it will all be worth it. I still don’t feel great either-I don’t know if its the nausea I experienced before that I thought went away a few weeks ago, or if its just that my stomach is being smushed by these babies-but I just feel gross.

At my OB appointment yesterday things were still looking good. She said my cervix feels long and closed-much better than short and soft from two weeks ago! I also had do the 3 hour glucose test yesterday. I failed the 1 hour (boo) and I’m praying that I pass the 3 hour and that gestational diabetes treatment is not in my future-but if it is I’ll deal with it.

I have my second baby shower this weekend-thank goodness we planned to have it at my house! I’m excited to see my friends and family and hopefully get the last things we need for these babies. Whatever we don’t get-I’ll be buying online! I have plenty of time for that:)

We got our maternity pictures this week-this is one of my favorites.


Bed Rest Day 6

Yep-I’m on bedrest.  It.Sucks.

Last week I went in for my regular OB appointment.  He felt my cervix and decided it felt short and soft-so he sent me to the u/s room-I was measuring anywhere from a 1.7 to a 2.2, with funnelling when I would push on my belly-all not good for 27 weeks!  So my OB sent me down for an emergency appointment with my perinatal doctor-and their u/s there showed much of the same-readings in the low 2 cm range-so both doctors decided that bedrest was in my future.  I recieved two steriod shots for the babies lungs, just in case they were to come early and was told to go home and start bedrest.  I’m allowed to get up to eat, shower, use the bathroom, ect, but other than that, should be laying down. 

The first couple of days were ok, kind of a novelty for this tired Mama to be able to lay down all day-and then the stir crazy, and worry began.  Not only is it hard to force yourself to lay down all day-no cleaning, ect, but it gives me so much time to worry about these babies  I am so scared they are going to come too soon, and have to spend many weeks in the NICU. 

I have my next doctor’s appt on Thursday-so I’m praying that things are still stable and it looks like bed rest is helping, or at least keeping things as is, and stopping them from progressing.

My boss is awesome, and is letting me work from home-so not only am I not having to use my leave and disability yet, but it always gives me something do to.  I’ve set mini goals, to try and break up the following weeks-and give myself milestones.  My first one is my appt on Thurday-which will put my at 28w1d.  My second is my baby shower, the following weekend.  Fortunately we planned it at my house-so I’ll just attend via my couch:)  I’ll be 29 weeks and 3 days then.

I always knew bedrest was a definite possiblity carrying twins, but I just didn’t think it would be this early-I figured it would be to try and get me as far as possible-not just to get me far enough for them to be heathly.

One day at a time.

On another note-we had our couples baby shower a couple of weeks ago (fortunately a few days before bed rest started!)  It was fun-and great to see all our friends.  Here are Eric and I after opening all the great gifts!



24 weeks-V day!


The babies turned 24 weeks yesterday-and we’ve made it to V-day (viability).  If they were born now, they would have a chance to survive-but obviously I hope they keep cooking for another 12-13 weeks!

We had our 24 weeks scan this morning and everything is looking good-the babies are growing like they should-each around a pound and a half. My cervix still looks good-which I was so happy to hear. I have been having tons of Braxton Hicks contractions-so I was worried.

photo (3)

I feel them moving all the time now-at least 4-5 times a day. I love it when I can put my hand on my belly and feel one of them kick me!

Last week we went on a mini babymoon/early 5 year anniversary trip-I’ll recap with some pictures in another post.

What the babies are up to this week:
His/Her see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque.
And it’s got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.

22 Weeks


This past week has been busy!  While the babies have been doing their thing and growing, we’ve been moving!

This past Saturday we moved from our townhouse to a two story house-so far I love it!  I can’t wait to get totally settled in and start on the nursery! 

I recieved the first shower invite for our couples shower Monday-it is so cute and I’m so excited-its all a bit surreal though.  I can finally feel the babies periodically moving around and Eric has even been able to feel them a couple of times from the outside! It is really incredible. There is still some deattachment between the knowledge that there are two babies in there and really feeling it.  I still don’t think I will believe it until they are here and we’re able to meet them!

Saturday we’re leaving for a mini vacation-and going to Savannah and St. Simons Island for a few days.  Our 5th anniversary is next month, so I wanted to do something to celebrate-but didn’t think waiting until next month was a wise idea!

your baby at 22 weeks 

  • Now that he’s got more developed eyes and lips, he’s looking even more like a newborn.
  • He’s sleeping in cycles — about 12 to 14 hours per day (hint: they’re probably those times you’re not feeling any kicks!).