Mommy Friends

I made a new mommy friend last night – a very special mommy friend! Out of the 400 or so Pitt Hopkins cases world wide, we just so happen to have another family with a son with PTHS who lives just a few miles from us!
It is crazy how having something like this in common can make you feel instantly bonded. We met for drinks and I’m so happy we did – she is incredibly sweet, and has been dealing with this for longer than me so it was nice to hear her perspective. I’ll be honest, her son seems to be pretty low functioning and that scares me because I have such high hopes for Harper, but even with all their challenges, so seems to hold it together pretty well.
In Nolan news, he has started MMO one morning a week and it seems to be going well. I’m not there, so I don’t know exactly how he feels about it-but he doesn’t cry when we drop off-so that’s good:) My skinny mini is now into the 50-75 percentile for height, but poor kid is still <3% in weight. So, we're working on beefing the boy up-pediasure shakes, extra snacks, ect.
Eric and I are starting a small group tonight through our church – focused on marriage. I figured that will all the kid centered stuff going on in our lives, we needed some time to focus on us, and try something different than the standard date night.
Here are the kids at lunch-I LOURVE that my nanny sends me pics through out the day-its proof for me that they are happy and I'm not totally screwing them up by not staying home with them!